TU and Trout TV join forces for fishing

If you fly fish these days, chances are you spend some time online, whether it be searching out the recipe for your next fly tying session, sleuthing out your next great fishing adventure or communicating with your fellow anglers on topics ranging from destinations to etiquette to fishing itself. 


And you've likely run across the popular online video network, Trout TV.


Trout TV and TU have entered into a new partnership, one that gives TU members a sweet discount on an annual subscription to Trout TV content, and one that will see some of that great content find its way to TU.org. Trout TV hosts Hillary Hutcheson and Rich Birdsell are passionate lifelong anglers with an honest-to-goodness concern for the habitat that makes good trout fishing possible. In coming Trout TV episodes, you'll likely see more mention of the conservation issues TU and our partners are dealing with to make fishing better all across America, and we're grateful to Trout TV for helping us tell our stories. 


But the partnership goes beyond that, because not only do the folks at Trout TV  care about the health of the waters that make their fishing possible, they also bring in additional content from other like-minded video producers to ensure that you’re getting your fix of fly fishing from around the globe. Trout TV and its partnering video authors will contribute significant content to TU.org, including occasional blog posts, short videos, tips and other tidbits that are sure to enhance your fishing experience, and your knowledge of the conservation issues vital to trout anglers everywhere. 

And, of course, they'll continue to produce some of the most exciting and informative fly fishing video content on the web. Hilary and Rich team up with outfitters all over the world to fish, and they share their adventures in a way that gets you as close to these destinations as possible without actually buying a plane ticket. We're excited about the possiblities this partnership holds for TU so be on the look out for an update soon!


To take advantage of the TU/Trout TV parternship, join TU and help us all make fishing better for everyone. And don't forget to "like" Trout TV on Facebook.



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